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RSD C5 Bolt In NHRA Legal Roll Bar

RSD C5 Bolt In NHRA Legal Roll Bar
RSD has designed this Completely Bolt in Roll Bar with swing out removable door bars that will have you legally running below 11.5 down to 10.0. So easy to install you can do it yourself with basic tools in your driveway!
We heard every one talking about being thrown out of dragstrips because they are running below 11.5. We knew in order to help everybody out we needed to build a roll bar that could be installed without welding so we could ship to you this beautiful powder coated roll bar that would look nice in your interior. We built it out of Chrome Moly to keep it light, because these are Corvettes and we don't want to add more weight than we have to. It ships in a box total weight of 52lbs for the 5 point.
We have a 6 point option for $300 extra. There is also an option for a protective vinyl pouch to store or transport you door bar when it is off the car.

Make sure to Select FRC/Z06 option if you have a hardtop. We also have the optional Diagonal Bar through the main Hoop for the road racing crowd.

We also have the Road Racing Diagonal bar option for the road racing crowd, and it is still NHRA legal!
Weight 42.00 lbs
Price: $1450.00
Choose Body Type
Door Bars Choose 5 or 6 point
Door Bar Storage Pouch
Road Racing Diagonal Bar

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