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RSD C6 All Aluminum Radiator

RSD C6 All Aluminum Radiator
RSD Anounces a break through in Corvette Cooling. This all aluminum radiator is available with as Manual tranny w/no cooler, Manual Tranny with engine oil cooler, Automatic w/ tranny cooler, Automatic with Tranny and engine oil cooler. We also offer the 3" cut down version For the supercharged Corvettes that allows you to run the 4" intake duct without lowering your radiator in the frame. We have seen gains of more than 2 psi just from removing the plastic dongle and running the wide open 4" duct from the filter to the supercharger inlet. Because the RSD Radiator is so thick (2 1/2") the cut down does not affect cooling.
Have your cake and eat it too!
Price: $635.00
Cooler Options
Super Charger Cut Down Version

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